Plus500 affiliate program review

Plus500 is an online broker where you can trade with CFDs in, for example, shares and cryptocurrencies.(Instrument availability subject to regulations). Another way to make money with Plus500 is by using the Plus500 affiliate program. In this article we take a look at how you can make money with the Plus500 affiliate program. We also discuss what to watch out for when you are going to promote Plus500.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a program that pays the user for bringing in customers. Companies use affiliate programs because these programs ensure that they can easily attract new customers.

They only pay the affiliate when they actually introduce a customer. It costs Plus500 nothing to promote their trading platform this way. At the same time, they greatly increase their reach.

How can you become an affiliate yourself?

Do you want to become an affiliate yourself on Plus500? Use the button below to view the program. You can then register 100% free of charge within the Plus500 affiliate program:

Where can you promote Plus500?

You may promote Plus500 on a website that you manage yourself. This website must be about trading or other money matters. So, you can’t promote Plus500 on a website about kangaroos.

After creating an account within the Plus500 affiliate program, you can register a website. Plus500 checks all URLs you add. You are only allowed to promote Plus500 on websites approved by Plus500.

How much can you earn with the affiliate program?

This depends entirely on your effort! At Plus500 you get paid for every trader you bring in. Within the affiliate program you see reports which can help you to keep track of how you are doing:

plus500 affiliate programme

Illustrative information.

The number of new registrations shows how many people open a demo account. Real traders indicate how many of those people deposit money to start trading. You only get paid for qualified traders.

A trader becomes a qualified trader when he has generated at least a $40 spread for Plus500. It is therefore only interesting to promote Plus500 to serious traders who invest with larger amounts.

When a trader is classified as a qualified trader, you will receive a one-time commission. The commission you receive differs per country. For the least interesting countries you will receive $200 while for traders from some other countries you will receive as much as $800. You don’t have to bring in many traders to build a good income!

What requirements must your promotion meet?

Plus500 must follow the rules and laws. This of course also applies to you when you start promoting Plus500. It is therefore not allowed to promote Plus500 as a “fast buck” method. Within the Plus500 affiliate platform you will find a clear overview of the promotion rules.

One important rule is that you should always add a risk warning on the website. The risk warning should indicate the percentage of traders who lose money with CFDs at Plus500.

It is not allowed to mention that you can trade in shares when promoting Plus500. Trading at Plus500 always happens by means of CFDs.

It is also not allowed to make unqualified or absolute statements. For example, you cannot state that Plus500 is the best broker. You can however mention that it is one of the best brokers.

Plus500 has a compliance team that constantly monitors whether all affiliates adhere to these rules. This team checks whether all websites still comply with the rules. If this is not the case, they will send an email with changes that need to be made. You then have 14 days to update the website. When you do not apply the required changes in time, you will not be able to forward traders from your website to Plus500.

It is a good thing that the Plus500 broker ensures that affiliates continue to follow the rules. Plus500 can otherwise get into serious trouble. However, as an affiliate it can sometimes be frustrating to have to make hundreds of changes. It can certainly be worthwhile to enter into discussion with the compliance team: sometimes they are a bit too strict with the changes they want you to make.

How can you earn money with the Plus500 affiliate program?

If you want to make a lot of money, you will have to build a strong website. The competition in Google for financial keywords is fierce. This is not surprising, since the commissions are high. If you refer ten traders in a month, you can already earn thousands of dollars.

As a new affiliate it’s wise to start with a specific and narrow topic. It is easier to rank well in a niche than on a broad keyword. For example, creating a website about trading in general is more difficult than creating a website about trading in Apple shares.

After you launch your website it is probably your goal to achieve the highest possible position in the Google search engine. After all, the majority of people use Google to find information. Google tries to place the most qualitative websites in a high position by means of an algorithm.

In order to be rated as a high-quality website, you will have to write high-quality articles. Immerse yourself in the perception of your visitor and try to solve your visitor’s problem.

When a visitor searches for what is a share, it’s not wise to immediately promote the broker Plus500. This visitor mainly wants information about shares. When a visitor searches precisely on where can I trade in CFD shares, then the user is specifically looking for a CFD broker. Then it’s a good time to put Plus500 in the spotlight.

Plus500 affiliate program review: what about the quality?

Before you start promoting Plus500, you probably want to know more about the quality of the Plus500 affiliate program. I have been working with this program for ten years, and I am very satisfied with the quality. The user-friendliness of the online program is high and due to the various promotional options, you can easily integrate Plus500 within your website. For example, it’s possible to promote Plus500 through a link, but it is also possible to use graphs that show live exchange prices.

plus500 affiliate software review

Another big advantage of the Plus500 affiliate software is the affiliate team. I have always had contact with the same person within the program for several years. The contact with your affiliate manager is always warm, and they are often available via WhatsApp. That personal approach makes it possible to achieve good results with the Plus500 affiliate team.

My opinion within the review of the Plus500 affiliate program is certainly positive. It is not easy to make money as an affiliate, but it is certainly interesting to try. With the button below you can directly open a free account yourself. By opening an account with the affiliate program you can discover the many possibilities yourself:

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