Plus500 versus IG Markets

Both Plus500 and IG Markets are popular brokers for trading CFDs on stocks and currencies. In this comparison, we will discuss whether it is better to trade with Plus500 or with IG Markets.

About the companies

Plus500 has been around since 2008. With this broker, you can speculate with CFDs in shares, currency pairs and commodities. The user-friendly software and low transaction costs are the biggest and most important selling point of Plus500. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and annually welcomes over 200,000 active clients.

IG Markets has been around for a long time as well: the company was founded in 1974. The company is now active in 14 countries on five continents. At IG Markets you can speculate on the markets by using CFDs. At IG it is also possible to buy shares for the long term.

What Plus500 vs IG Markets offers

The Plus500 platform mainly focuses on the trader looking for a user-friendly platform. The Plus500 platform offers few additional features. You can place orders and open investments, but you cannot expect much more. It is therefore recommended to use other software to perform complex analyses.

plus500 webtrader

Illustrative prices.

On IG Markets you have a wide range of trading platforms. You have access to no fewer than 15,000 trading markets and you can choose from a wide range of platforms. For example, you can use the web trader, the advanced MetaTrader4 or even complex options such as L2 dealers and your own terminals. These are interesting options for advanced investors.

IG markets software

The costs compared: Plus500 vs IG Markets

Costs are very important when you trade. It is wise to choose a broker with low fees: by doing so you can obtain a higher return. We have compared the fees of Plus500 and IG Markets on the 2th of June 14:00.

Many people invest in Bitcoin. The spread to trade Bitcoins on Plus 500 at the time of writing is $36. At IG Markets, the minimum spread is $38. It seems like you can trade slightly cheaper in CFD Bitcoins at Plus500.

EUR / USD is also very popular as a trading opportunity. Currently, the spread on Plus500 is 0.6 pips. The spread on Plus500 is dynamic and can therefore be higher or lower than this value. With IG Markets the spread is at least 0.6 pips but on average 0.7 pips. The costs for trading Forex are therefore virtually the same at Plus500 and IG Markets.

Plus500 seems to be the cheaper option for trading CFDs on raw materials. The spread on Plus500 is currently 10 cents per barrel and with IG Markets 0.28 cents per barrel.

Overall, Plus500 and IG Markets are well-matched in terms of fees. Both brokers offer advantageous rates.

IG Markets versus Plus500: which broker is better?

If you are looking for a broker with many trading opportunities, IG Market is definitely the better choice. At almost the same cost, IG offers a wide range of software packages. This allows you to apply extensive analyses and try out various strategies.

However, the Plus500’s software will suffice for most traders. Plus500 is a good provider if you want to speculate on the markets. The software is user-friendly and opening an account is quick. Moreover, you can try out the possibilities indefinitely by means of the free demo.

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